Our Guidelines and Mission

The Hamilton Family Foundation is a small private family foundation that provides financial support primarily in the area of education—specifically literacy-based, educational programs in underserved Philadelphia area schools. Incorporated in 1992, the Foundation was established by Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M.V. Hamilton and their children to improve the lives of economically underserved Philadelphia children and youth by preparing them for success in employment or college acceptance and completion. The Foundation welcomed the third generation of family members to board participation in 2011.

Believing that the development of fundamental reading and writing skills is essential to the future success of our children, the Foundation considers requests from non-profits who provide robust, data driven in-school, after-school, and summer literacy enrichment programming. The Foundation provides funding for projects serving children and youth in grades Kindergarten-12 in the cities of Philadelphia, Chester, and Camden. Organizations outside these cities may apply for a grant if invited by a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors or the Executive Director.

Hamilton Family Foundation Mission Statement

The Hamilton Family Foundation is committed to improving the equality of educational opportunities for low-income children and youth, grades K-12, in the cities of Philadelphia and Camden. The Foundation supports non-profit organizations that provide at–risk students with increased literacy skills needed for future academic achievement and career success, enhanced college access and completion opportunities, and effective career/technical training.

Hamilton Family Foundation Vision Statement

The Hamilton Family Foundation envisions a positive and effective educational experience for all Philadelphia area children and youth, resulting in increased high school graduation rates, college admission and completion, and personal and career satisfaction.